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When injured at the fault of someone else, it can be challenging to know where to start. Darren Kautz, Partner at FH&P Lawyers, is a seasoned personal injury lawyer who can help you navigate through your situation - from intake to settlement or trial. Whether it be a car or vehicle accident or a result of slip and fall, Darren can assist you in your personal injury case.

The primary objective of any of our personal injury cases is to obtain the full compensation and benefits for our clients to which they are legally entitled. When you work with Darren and FH&P Lawyers, you are not responsible to pay anything, including firm fees, until your claim is resolved.

Are you finding it difficult to obtain fair and reasonable compensation for your suffering and loss in a timely and cost-effective manner? Darren Kautz is skilled and experienced in personal injury-related disputes, including brain injury, spinal cord injury, wrongful death, and major trauma.

Darren Kautz - Hanna born, Prairie raised, Alberta loyal.

Darren was born and raised in Hanna, Alberta, attending J. C. Charyk Hanna School. He graduated law school from the University of Calgary and became a member of the Alberta Bar Association in 2008 and later joined the FH&P partnership in 2020.

His practice focuses on personal injury, construction litigation, estate litigation, criminal defence and general litigation disputes. Darren approaches complex cases in a straightforward, client-oriented manner.

In addition to the Alberta Bar Association, Darren is also a member of the BC and Yukon Bar Association. He successfully serves clients throughout Alberta and especially in Eastern Alberta.

Darren will always consider Hanna and the surrounding area his home - you can trust this local lawyer. Darren has deep roots in Alberta. He still assists in the family ranch and has fought for the rights of Albertans in personal injury claims and cases.

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"Darren and the team at FH&P are fantastic. When I moved abroad, everything became more complicated, except for my case. He made things easy, keeping me up to date and the lines of communication open. Darren and the legal team successfully worked with me, regardless of my geographical location."

- Eden

Personal Injury Claims in Alberta

FH&P has been providing legal services in both Alberta and British Columbia for many years. With multiple office locations, Partners and lawyers are able to connect with their clients regardless of where they are located. As well, FH&P provides video meetings to ensure that you are able to meet with the right lawyer for your case, even if they aren’t just down the road. FH&P Lawyers recognizes that it is vital to have strong and experienced representation and have positioned themselves to be able to serve clients throughout Eastern and Southern Alberta as well as the Interior of British Columbia.

Darren Kautz - our specialized Alberta injury lawyer will take a careful review of your case. Many people injured in a car accident let insurance companies convince you that your injury claim may be capped or is limited. Experienced legal counsel can help take the guesswork out of injury claims and can help navigate through the time limitations that may be in place.

It is strongly recommended that you contact a lawyer who specializes in personal injury cases as soon as your accident occurs so that you don’t miss out on compensation that you may be entitled to.

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Collisions happen on Fridays

In southern Alberta the most car accidents happen on a Friday in the late afternoon or early evening. Tuesday afternoons are the second highest day in which car accidents happen.